Groupe ATEH BAZORE / TAKAM II (Cameroun)

takam takam.

For the first time in history, the ATEH BAZORE and Takam II traditional group will join together to deliver a unique and outstanding performance at the WOMAAF Festival of Tangier.

Ateh Bazore is a one of Cameroons leading folklore musicians from the North West Region of Cameroon. His musical genre is the Njang, a traditional rhythm from Cameroons grassfield

He started music in the early 80s. Today he counts 10 musical albums

He has represented Cameroon several times abroad; In Ghana in 2008 where alongside Manu Dibango, Bebey Manga and Isnebo they played for the Ghanaian Head of State John Kufor, in 2007 in Paris France where he played at the UNESCO Conference, in Durban South Africa in 2005 where he played during the African Folk Festival and in Gaziantep in Turkey in 2014 where he played during the Pistachio Festival and came home with the trophy for the best performance of the festival.

In 2015 Ateh Bazore was made Knight of the National Order of Merit by Cameroon’s Head of State. The distinction was handed over by the Minister of Arts and Culture in a big ceremony at Ministry.

The Takam II group was founded in 1985 by Jean Takam and Michel Takam, both natives of Bamendjou in the West Region of Cameroon with the objective of researching, modernising and promoting the culture of the grassfield region of Cameroon.

Their first album was released in 1992 and took Cameroon by storm. Today they count 4 albums with over 30 tracks. Takam II have done musical concerts all over Cameroon and abroad, the most popular being in Paris, Frances during the in 1998 World Cup Tournament and during two festivals in 2004. They have also thrilled music fans in the USA and in Belgium in 2014.

In 2000, Takam II played in Ghana at the ACUFEST festival and in Switzerland in 2015. Takam Michel is also an instrumentalist specialized in the Chaah traditional  instrument of the West Region of Cameroon. The group received a bronze medal at the 2000 Festival of Arts and Culture in Cameroon, handed over by Cameroon’s Ministry of Arts and Culture.